Fields of Sovereign Grace - Catholicism

The following is a series of articles relating to the Bible, Roman Catholicism, and those Christians who stand in the tradition of the Reformation. The Reformation was NOT the formation of a new religion, but rather was a correction to what the reformers saw as hundreds of years of accumulated errors on the part of the Roman Catholic leadership on numerous theological points. While this compiler harbors no ill will towards Roman Catholics, he does agree with the needed correction of the Reformation in theological matters. Rather than being viewed as an attack on Roman Catholicism, this should be viewed as a statement of the Apostolic Faith renewed, though not infallibly, by the Reformers. Soli Deo Gloria! - DKC

The Sufficiency of the Written Word by Dr. John F. MacArthur, Jr

Sola Scriptura by Dr. A.A. Hodge (1823-1886)

Christologia by John Owen

Denying Sola Scriptura: The Attempt to Neutralize the Bible by Gary DeMar

Scripture and Tradition by Dr. Sinclair Ferguson

Evangelicals and Catholics Together

An Appeal to Fellow Evangelicals

Are We Justified by Faith Alone? by Michael Horton

Resolutions for Roman Catholic & Evangelical Dialogue by Michael Horton, rev. by J. I. Packer

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